Club Info

board members

    • Dennis Cobb (President)
    • Hal Boyd
    • Phillip Jenkins
    • Chuck Lowe
    • Johnny Mack Smith
    • Larry Popwell
    • Sammy Cox

How to become a member:

If you would like to become a member, please fill out the form and bring or send it to us. Then we will contact with  more information and a welcome to our club.

Membership Application Form
Membership fee’s

      • Gold Members (cart house plus unlimited golf) $ 150,00
      • Silver Members (cart house plus $ 5.00 trail fee when playing) $ 115,00
      • Regular Members $ 85.00 plus cart rental
      • Social Members $ 40.00 plus $ 100.00 initiation fee


      • All Siver Members with personal carts will be required to register and pay $ 5.00 per person for each 18 holes of golf played
      • Any player playing green fees and riding in a personal cart shall pay $ 5.00 or 1/2 cart rental fee to the Club
      • Any Member riding with a personal cart owner shall pay $ 5.00 for each 18 holes of golf played.